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Integrated Management System

ARTLANT has as a model for its integrated management system - a methodology based on the management of procedures, which combines the normative requirements for Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Accountability.

ARTLANT's activities will always take into account the respect for all the applicable requirements in developing its procedures within the Legislation, Regulations, Working Licensing, Contractual and Client's Requirements.

The Integrated Policy, disclosed, understood and felt by the company's staff ensures and  guarantees the fulfillment of objectives such as: 

  • Zero LTIs
  • Zero process safety level 1
  • Continuously improve customers satisfaction
  • Continuously improve the efficient use of resources, raw and subsidiary materials and minimization of reprocessing activities and waste and effluent emission;
  • Ensure the satisfaction of all interested parties.

Be a learning organization in which people have the opportunity and are expected to develop their knowledge, skills, behavior and abilities, and whose employees and contractors receive necessary information and training relating to Safety, Occupational Health, Environmental Protection and Quality Stewardship.

Provide appropriate preparation and response to emergency situations, particularly, major accidents, ensuring the involvement of the local emergency services and industry neighborhoods.

Ensure that our product is manufactured, handled and delivered in an environmentally responsible manner. Provide all relevant information to allow the end user to handle, use and dispose of our product responsibly, and contributing to user final product quality.

Ensure the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System, setting goals, implementing continuous improvement measures, doing their performance evaluation and applying the corrective measures to get the proposed  goals.

Ensure the human, technologic and material means required to the implementation of the Integrated Policy respecting the company financial sustainability.

Maintain an effective communication system with customers, employees, contractors, local communities and citizens related to the integrated management system. Understand their concerns in order to take the necessary corrective and preventive actions.